Saturday, December 6, 2014

My Sexy Saturday: Our Sexy Little Words

So this week show us all the sexy moments from when your characters are making love, before or after because each and every one of them is sexy and hot and oh…can we fan ourselves now?

Candle in the Dark is five winter holiday stories. Christmas, Yule, New Year's, etc. In "Welcome Winter" we see how another planet celebrates their winter solstice, and Hevik Montag gets a little bit of warmth in the cold of space.
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~~~ From "Welcome Winter" in Candle in the Dark

He wiped them up with a corner of the sheet and let Sindri nestle into his arms. “You took a big chance coming here with me, so I'll take a big one on you. Stay. Just sleep in my arms all night.” He nuzzled Sindri's hair.

Sindri licked his neck. “I guess it's true what they say about spacers then?”

“Heard a lot. What are you thinking of?”

“That you want the touch and cuddle as much as the climax. Most men would have already shoved me away. Stones, half would have thrown me out half-naked when I finished sucking.”

“Some men aren’t worth exhaust fumes.” Hevik tucked Sindri into his shoulder and wrapped his arms firmly around the warm body. His stomach growled.

“Didn't get enough at the feast?” Sindri gave him a grin. “Let me call out. I know the best leovi flatbread in town.” After a fast call, he curled back into Hevik's arms. “My treat tonight. You can buy next time.”

Hevik just shrugged. He'd already mentioned he lifted in the morning. He listened to Sindri talk, about work, about winter, about whatever. The guy had a nice voice, pretty high, but definitely a man's when he wasn't being Sparkle. It was nice just to be close.

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