Thursday, March 5, 2015

Five Influences

Five Influences on Adventuresses


Adventuresses, a collection of lesbian short stories, is one of Inkstained Succubus' steadiest sellers. The idea came about because the Literary Underworld had many requests for lesbian stories since they had several gay books on the rack. I had two pieces of 10,000+ words that had come out from under contract, as well as about 6000 more of the trucker lesbians. So I put it all together, wrote a few more and went from there.

But where did the ideas for the stories themselves come from?

1) Ice Pirates.

The diner scene in "Rewriting Old Songs" is lifted almost wholesale from the bar scene in Ice Pirates.
"Now you owe the lady and me an apology."

2) "A Thorough Examination/In Depth" (audio fic here)

I didn't know I HAD a medical fetish until I encountered this very dark bit of Sherlock fanfic. But apparently I did. It inspired some of the medical play in "Induced Paroxysms." There are a lot of other inspirations to that piece, including FroliCon and many steampunkers of my acquaintance.

3) "Mummy Medusa" by Skinny White Chick. (go, listen, I'll wait)

Because s00j rocks beyond the telling of it and this song is amazing. The backstory is, once upon a time, Medusa and Rapunzel fell in love with the same man. At a concert, she said "of course, if I wrote this as fiction, they'd probably fall for each other. In "Rock Us All Down," they do exactly that.

4) "John Wesley Harding" by Bob Dylan

"Carried a gun in every hand." This line made me wonder how many hands he had. Which in turn, gave me the image of the four-armed gunslinger in "That time they talk about." That's one universe I would like to revist. There are a lot of influences on that story, including Kornbluth's "Two Dooms" from the Hitler Victorious anthology, King's The StandHeavy Metal and any number of old western movies.

5) This picture.

It was a very popular poster of Janis Joplin and it inspired the lesbian scene in "Eight Days Ablaze." Ellora's Cave made me cut the scene, so I reworked it for this book, called it by the original title, "Burning for Eight Days" and let Adina have her sapphic fun.

What other books would you like to see the influences for?

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