Thursday, March 26, 2015

Question of money

Are there enough people who would be willing to kick in for me to run a denture kickstarter? I know I still owe from last summer's. (Still working on getting even one of the books acceptable for publication)

I have dental insurance, but it's going to be several thousand dollars to get the rest of my teeth pulled (and the roots of the ones that have crumbled away removed).

I can't chew. I have literally 3/4 of a molar on the bottom and 2 on 
the opposite top sides. My bottom front teeth need to come out too. I'll want the mid-priced dentures, because the bottom ones are dull as spoons. (I've had a partial in the cheapest style and have had problems biting into things for years)

This is the most recent bit that broke off. Not very big, but makes a huge difference. Now, I don't have two molars on the right. I have 3/4 of one and 1/4 of another. And the remnants of a root canal on the top keep jabbing me in the lower gum, since the crown has broken off.


I look a proper witch, but living on soup is not my idea of a pleasant life. I can't chew cole-slaw!

So, any possibility of help, or is everyone stretched much too thin themselves?

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