Saturday, July 11, 2015

My Sexy Saturday: We're Sexy Hot

Remember that your characters are all sexy and we want to hear about the places they go. They could be anyone on this world, part of the next world or the many unknown worlds lurking in the stars. The one thing we do know is that they are hot, hot, HOT!

This is from the one that releases tomorrow:

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Charlie and Edward are on their way to Greenland via experimental hovercraft, when they stop for a bite of supper in an Aberdeen pub. Dinner got wildly out of hand and ended in a brawl.

Seven Sexy Paragraphs:

They headed for the docks, Edward still humming. As they passed a dark alley, not far from the sea, Edward veered sharply into it, dragging Charlie with him.

“Colinette, kiss me,” he said. “Your soldier boy is home at last, under the poplars, to his beloved rose in Picardy.”

“You are so very drunk,” Charlie said, “that it’s almost taking shameful advantage of you.”

Edward pressed him to the wall and kissed him, the smoky taste of the whiskey filling Charlie’s mouth. Edward’s hands roamed, busy on Charlie’s body, hungry to touch him.

“They’re going to worry about us,” Charlie protested.

“There is no need to catch the tide or the wind. Let them wait. ‘Years fly on forever ’til shadows veil their sighs,’” he sang softly. “We could be dead tomorrow and you will almost certainly be ill. Kiss me now, darling, love me while we can.”

“Back to the hovercraft. We shall both be ill, but the war is over out here, Edward. It’s over and I’m yours for always.”

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Mantelli said...

So what did you name the boat?

Anonymous said...

The Skimmer. Yes, I finally did name it.