Saturday, September 26, 2015

My Sexy Saturday: Sexy Today

So today, there really is no theme except sexy today. Authors are free to post whatever they want within the normal rules. Just make it sexy, sexy and more sexy.

Just because I'm feeling totally naughty today:

Captain Salzoran and his merry crew haunt the spacelanes, taking what prizes they can. Years earlier, a chance encounter with a star yacht owned by one of the three Great Houses in the galaxy left Salzoran with a pretty green-eyed virgin boy in his cabin. He returned the young prince to his family, neither harmed, nor a virgin.

Now, although they have been apart for several years, Sharnil still remembers his pirate lover and misses him. Dissatisfied with his marriage and his life, he summons Salzoran to come and get him.

The designated meeting point is a pleasure station, built by Sharnil's father, and now hosting a month-long interstellar masquerade party and orgy. Here, on a metal wheel four miles in circumference, Salzoran must find his beloved prince amid thousands of costumed male revelers. And nothing is ever as easy as it sounds...

Your Seven Sexy Paragraphs:

“Hello, handsome.” The blond young man was painted as a Finarian temple prostitute with a nearly inadequate gold leather pouch barely covering proprieties held by a gold leather harness, low blue boots, and the elaborate gold and blue swirls painted on his face. A little blue thermosilk cape fluttered behind him as he stood.

“Boy, I’m Cythorian. And they’re putting Tucepri in the air.” 

He practically purred as he slunk across the room. “Oh really?” 

“It’s not safe.” I was almost growling now. I pounded one fist  against the hatch. It didn’t open. I breathed. Sharnil, I reminded myself. My boy was somewhere in this big floating can and I had to find him. But, oh, the pretty blond was getting to me.

“I like living dangerously,” he whispered and tugged the tail of my hair. 

“You really shouldn’t do things like that,” I ground out, slamming my fist into the bulkhead with each word.

“Plunder me, pirate,” he whispered and licked along my ear. “Make your sacrifice to Finar and the door will open.”

The Other Sexy People:

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