Thursday, September 17, 2015

What's Up, Miss Social Butterfly?

All of a sudden, I'm everywhere, friending and following everyone.
 I'm blogging regularly.
 I'm tweeting a lot more at asparrow16.

 I had a revelation at Imaginarium and it's something I've known forever. But it hit home and sank in. So, if I am marketing by social media, I need to be...You guessed it...SOCIAL!

 It can't just be about people I'm connected to and want to read. Although I have a twitter just for that. (TheRealValarltd) It has to be about reaching my audience.

 So here are the policies, for those who are new: 

A) Carry on with reasonable courtesy. No gendered or ethnic slurs. 

 B) If you are male and we have no friends in common, you should know the following: 

1) I am an old married lesbian. I am not into men, other than my husband. Just because I talk about sex does not mean I intend to do it with you.
 Hey baby, do you West Coast?/ Yes, I do, but not with you!

2) If you are just here for fandom and commentary, great. Hang around, comment, I may friend you back.

3) If you get gross, you will be sent a copy of Leslie Fish's "That's not the way to get laid" and blocked.

 4) If you mansplain or expect me to do your google work, be advised, I charge library paraprofessional rates, $13/hr, 2 hour minimum. I will bill you.

C) There is a lot of gay stuff around here. 

D) There is a lot of book promo here. 

E) This is a woman-owned, pagan-oriented, kinky queer blog. In case you missed this. 

F) We're coming up on the Holidays. This means music videos, crafts, stories, and other fun stuff. Posting levels go up in October and December. 

 See the Semi-Annual Social Media Briefing for other places to find me.

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