Monday, May 20, 2013

A busy weekend

It was quite the weekend here at the Den of Debauchery.

My oldest son graduated high school.

He's the one with the pink glasses and ponytail. We're very proud of him.

His sister and her new man came in from Nashville. His grandparents came down from Kansas City. Mom and Dad haven't lived together since 1968. And yet, they made a 500 mile roadtrip together.

So there was much hanging out, cooking and visiting.

Awesome Brownies of Awesome were made.
2 packages of mint oreo cookies, 4 packages of brownie mix and a bag of chocolate chips.
Prepare brownie mix. Pour a thin later into the prepared pan. Layer oreos on top. Stir chocolate chips into remaining brownit mix. Pour half of remaining mix over cookies. Layer more oreos and top with remaining mix.  Bake according to directions until done.

The folks got home ahead of the storms and life is returning to normal here.

I took Chris out to get a checking account set up and pick up his diploma today.

(Side note: We are five days out from the release of Heart's Bounty. Watch for contests)

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