Friday, May 31, 2013

Last Calls

This is it! The last day to enter to win prizes. All prizes will be announced tomorrow.

1) Nobody has entered the trivia contest for Heart's Bounty.  Nobody wants free sexy bounty hunters. I haz a sad.  And nothing says you can't ASK the authors for the answers...

2) If your tastes run to the straight end of the sexual spectrum, the Spellbound Desire giveaway closes tomorrow. I also did an awesome character interview.

3) The Geek Pride Day giveaway is still open.
Just leave a geeky comment. There will be one winner at each level. The more comments, the more winners and the better the prizes.
Pictures are examples only, and actual prizes may vary in fandom and color.
Base line prize: A crocheted dishcloth in your choice of fandom

At 5 comments, we move up to TARDIS keyring.  $10 on Etsy

Sans poinsettia, and this is where we are now

At 20, we move up to Amigurami, your choice of figure.  $15

(Because I can)

At 50, Gandalf's handwarmers from the Hobbit $20

(default is gray, but any color you like)

At 100, we get a Jayne hat. $25 value

At 250, a Harry Potter scarf, your choice of house.  $70 value

(Ravenclaw, because I am)

If, Great Bird of the Galaxy please, I get 500 comments, we go to a full length Dr. Who scarf, hand knitted. Valued at $150.

(The classic colors, not the hideous orange and purple Season 18 one)

Should we reach 1000 comments, I will crochet you a full-sized afghan. In any style you like. $250-$400.

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