Monday, May 27, 2013

Contest Reminders

The prize for my Geek Pride Day present get better the more people comment.
Here or LJ or Google or Facebook.

 Right now, we're at "Dishcloth from your fandom."
Leave a comment and the drawing is June 1, chosen by random number generator.

At 5 comments, we move up to TARDIS keyring. 
At 20, we move up to Amigurami, your choice of figure.
At 50, Gandalf's handwarmers from the Hobbit
At 100, we get a Jayne hat.
At 250, a Harry Potter scarf.
If, Great Bird of the Galaxy please, I get 500 comments, we go to a full length Dr. Who scarf, hand knitted. Valued at $150.

Also, the Trivia contest for Heart's Bounty is open

If the trivia's too tough, you can be entered for a copy of Spellbound Desire, simply by commenting.

All of these close June 1.

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