Monday, May 6, 2013

Trying to get back on a schedule here

Hello, loves. Been a bit.

I'll be trying to post every Monday from here on. I just need to get my life a bit more organized.

There is much excitement happening here at the Den in May.

That space pirate anthology came out. We're giving away a copy of it at Jessewave's this week.

Number One Son, Obi-Wan Chrisobi, is graduating high school on the 17th. Seems like only a couple years ago I was packing him off to kindergarten with his padawan braid and custom made Obi-Wan lunchbox. My father is coming down for the event. My mother is undergoing another round of chemo, and too ill.

Heart's Bounty comes out in 17 days, and we're on the front page of the Coming Soon. Pre-orders are open at Ellora or on Kindle.

Until next week, darlings!
Be very good, and I may even post a picture of the Lady in the sunhat, as soon as I finish making the hat.

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