Saturday, August 16, 2014

Books, Rights and Last Call

A year ago, August 1, Naomi and I petitioned Ellora's Cave for our rights back. Last spring, they gave back "For Love of Etarin," and "Raising the Dead."

Yesterday, they gave back Heart of a Forest, Privateer's Treasure and Glad Hands.
If you want these in their current form, click the cover. Glad Hands is already gone

Glad Hands will be given a new cover, some corrections will be made and it will be re-issued where it belongs, as Book Three of the Eight Thrones Cycle.

Heart of a Forest will also be re-issued, with a new cover and some edits.

The privateer ship, Kestrel, however, is sailing into mothballs until after the first of the year. Naomi and I will decide then what to do with it.

Now, for Spellbound Desire so I can get DJ all under one publishing roof.  And Heart's Bounty, to round it out. I'd really like "Cherry tart" back so I can do a steampunk collection, but they'll hold that until the eagle screams. "Eight Days Ablaze," not much attached to.

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