Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Silver Anniversary Extravaganza Claiming Post

Here's How To Play

1) Go to Silver Anniversary Extravaganza Dream Making Post and decide which of our lovely showcase prizes suits you best. Non-US folks, you can play too. (I do not trust the coffee mug to international mail, however) Fair warning: this puts you on my holiday card list and my newsletter mailing list. (which comes out about every 2 years)

 2) Leave a comment here: http://valarltd.livejournal.com/2025754.html  DO NOT COMMENT HERE AT BLOGGER
All comments at LJ are screened. Leave your name, your email and your top three to five prize choices. If you have a physical object, leave your mailing address. Nobody can see this but me.

 3) Wait. I will send ebooks tomorrow, and the physical prizes I have on hand. The bookmarks may take a bit. I stitch slowly.

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