Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fall Convention Schedule

Or as I like to call it, the Fall Death March.

Now, Elizabeth Donald's is deathier (hail Fearless Leader of the Literary Underworld), and includes things like DragonCon, but mine is still a challenge.

Gabriel went to Memphis Gaming Expo, and showed off Mortalus.

This weekend is River City Comic Expo, in Little Rock. $5 to get in, and we'll be at the Statehouse Convention Center.  Books, Jayne Hats and hobbit boxes.
Yes, those are actual pages. The copy was too dilapidated to keep and I was heartbroken to throw it away. Gabriel fixed the problem. This is mine, but there are two more, one with riddles and one with maps.

Mephit Fur Meet is Labor Day Weekend at Whispering Woods in Memphis (well, Olive Branch). I have a small but good writing track planned. This is a convention full of stuffed animals who hug you back. Inkstained Succubus is debuting our Conspiracy Arts line. (These are the things we do when we are away from the computers) 

And Olivia is selling her first ears and tails.

The Imaginarium... This is THE place if you want to be a writer or are starting to write, or are a writer. Best writing track around, and an expo hall--FREE TO THE PUBLIC!--full of some of the best small press work in the country. Louisville KY, Sept 11-13, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. 
I'll be there with the Literary Underworld. 

The Farmers' Market in West Memphis is Sept 19. Sanity may prevail and we may stay in. Or greed may win and I may haul everything out.

ContraFlow, New Orleans, Oct 2-4.  A small convention but we had a great time last year.  We hope to have a book or two to debut.

Festival of Souls, Oct 15-18. Meeman Shelby State Park, Memphis. This is a pagan festival. Conspiracy Arts is more our focus, but we will have books too. 

ConTraception, Nov 6-8, Kansas City, MO. (Independence) Brilliant little relaxacon. Books, crafts and other goodies, readings and a couple panels. This is just a fun weekend run by people I've known nearly 30 years. 

Geekonomicon, Dec 11-13, Biloxi, MS. This is a new con in our schedule.  We're hoping to do well here. The folks were very friendly and we felt terrible about cancelling out last year. 

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