Friday, August 14, 2015

Watching A Sex Comedy with my teenagers

I have two teenagers. My older two children are out of the house.
Jon is 17 and Olivia is 15.
Jon is reserved. A lot goes on in his head, but very little makes it out of his mouth.
Olivia is less so. She's always been the most gregarious of my kids.
He is not sexually active. We assume he's heterosexual because he likes busty anime girl video games.
She is actively bisexual and prefers girls as partners.

And I told you all that so you have some context.

Thursday was a crafternoon. My partner, Gabriel. and I get together at zir place, watch movies and do crafts. I found out Gabriel had never seen Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo, which is one of my favorite bad comedies, and features Oded Fehr at his dead-level hottest as Antoine, the very sexy and very bad-tempered.

So, Gabriel painted, I knitted, Jon played video games, and Olivia watched the movie.
I hadn't expected the kids along when we planned the movie. But I had promised naked!Oded, and I was going to deliver.

Olivia sat next to me and cracked up at all the right places. I knitted along.

I was surprised neither of them were embarrassed at watching the movie. Then again, the sex is minimal (he does make love to the girl he has fallen in love with). The language is a bit raunchy (what with one of the dates having Tourette's), but as I recall, we only get a wet t-shirt clinging to a bra-less woman, and rear male nudity.

Jon said nothing, but Olivia got the message about half way in. These are women who deviate from the norm in some way: extremely fat, extremely tall, Tourette's, narcolepsy, one-leg. And Deuce finds a way to make them feel like real people instead of the freaks that society tells them they are. When he offers the narcoleptic lady the helmet so they can go dancing together, the look on his face is sweet and hopeful. And her response shows it's the nicest thing anyone's ever done for her.

The message is that kindness wins over everything: looks, money, prestige. Deuce shows it to everyone, including Antoine who has issued him at least two death threats. He even shows it to the cop who gives him grief through the whole picture, helping fix the man's marriage and turning him from an enemy into a friend.

Jon mentioned it later. Because he always needs a bit to process fiction.

And both of them came away with the message that being kind costs nothing, and gains everything.
Which isn't a bad message for a dumb little sex comedy.

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Oh what a lovely post.

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Angelia Sparrow said...

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